About us

A Sustainable Business Model, Integrating Relaxation,
Ecology And Social Impact.

You will be lodging in a natural reserve, a refuge whose sole purpose is to protect the environment, wildlife and encourage reforestation within an ecotourism comfort/luxury model. All accommodations require prior reservation. We ask that all our guests be respectful to the flora, fauna and local community while staying at La Gloria Reserva. Do not throw out trash and avoid bringing single use plastics! Bright lights and loud noise at night are not allowed since they interrupt nature’s night life.

Total of Planted Trees august, 2023

Build Forests in Unique Projects and with Defined Environmental Objectives.

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How To Get To The Reserva

We are located only 60 minutes away from Bogotá (27 kilometers from Calle 85 with Carrera 7) and 35 minutes from the small town La Calera.

We offer private transport from El Dorado airport for an additional cost.
On the other hand, if you are planning to drive from Bogotá, the road up to La Calera is completely paved. Keep in mind that there is a COP$10,200 toll!

From La Calera we offer two different options for arrival:

You can park your car and request private transport to the Reserva (additional cost).

We want you to enjoy the arrival experience to the maximum! With our own map and a route on Google Maps, you can drive up while enjoying unique sceneries and get up close to nature from the very first minute.This secondary road is an open trail, so we do recommend this option during the summer for all types of vehicles and only trucks or SUV during winter.

Our Team

Behind La Gloria

Doña Gloria

The doctor who started with this dream by acquiring this land that today allows us to dream of the Reserve.


Committed and prodigious with his hands. He has participated in the design and construction of our accommodations.


Our leader in cooking and accommodation maintenance, always seeking perfection to delight our clients.


Head of gardens and forests. He gives each plant his good energy, leaves his wisdom in them and makes our spaces more beautiful.


Our hotel administrator. She arrives as if for an internship and fell in love with the project, always coming to the front with a smile.

José Hortua

He gives us the experience that only the wisdom of years gives. Taking away our naivety and showing our knowledge of the land we work.


Female head of the family. Always ready with a smile, Marina's right hand and everyone's collaborator.

Juan Pablo

With the help of Lorena, he maintains the impeccable functioning of La Reserva. Always generating new ideas.

José Acosta

His knowledge of wood shows us that carpentry is in his blood. In his hands ideas become reality.


Hotel advisor and right hand man of La Reserva. From Spain it gives us another vision and broadens our horizons.



At La Gloria Reserva our mission is to promote an ecotourism self-sustainability model, where the local community and our guests are involved. We seek values ​​such as empathy, respect, solidarity, responsibility, honesty, compassion and love to be applicable to humans and nature.

We want to be an example in Colombia and in the world. La Gloria Reserva is proud to provide a magical space of rest and environmental awareness for those seeking to escape from the city. When we enjoy nature without destroying it, we discover how wonderful it is!



The vision is to make the dream of someone who loves the land and vibrates with it come true, Dr. Gloria. She acquired this piece of land 30 years ago, cultivated it, beautified it and allowed her son to continue with this work with the same determination and dedication.

We are a group of people, working so that a piece of land is capable of self-sustaining and lasts over time. Not by isolating it, but by inviting you to discover it and thus perhaps, by example, get someone to follow the same path of preserving and giving back a little to our land that gives without stopping.