Picnic Afternoon

Enjoy this experience

Escape into nature with our picnic and views of the mountains and trees.

Our picnic is more than just a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.

Enjoy from a selection of sandwiches, rustic potato fries and excellent wine.


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Please choose your activity according to the participants and book it online in the shopping car.


Happy People

"It is a route very traveled by mopeds, with a beautiful landscape decorated by nature, is safe and ideal for MTB."
Andrés Felipe, Colombia
"Medium but short incline ascents, descents that can be taken very calmly and flat stretches to accelerate. Exciting"
Esteban Garzón, Colombia
"I think it’s an excellent route since the whole route is irregular, the view is beautiful and the location is very safe."
Lina María Aranda, Colombia